alex_j's Journal

My mates call me "Jude" so that's a good place to start. I'm 28, English, live in Petersburg, Russia. I teach English to students who love making mistakes (it's their favourite hobby)...i'm writing a book-thing at the moment too but it never seems to get finished. I play guitar and write songs...either sad ones or pitifully sad ones!...but it's mmm "art"...yep, that's the word. I speak Russian...but am far too lazy to learn it properly...i used to study Russian with a group of American missionaries (until i got scared and ran away...one of the blokes had a big white beard and liked to build model boats out of match sticks - kind of like a modern-day Noah with a very small Ark...but i'll say no more). Russia's cool - i like it here...people are different..."closer" in some ways than English people - it's hard to explain...but some things don't require explanation i suppose. That's me.


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